What is the roman army-Introduction

The roman army is a very strong army that was really organized.

The first legion of the roman army was made in the 4th century BC it was made to fight against the Etruscans.

The roman army conquered many countries and they grew there empire a lot because of all the war they won

                                                                     The Order in the battles:

Front Line
5th Cohort 4th Cohort 3rd Cohort 2nd Cohort 1st Cohort


Second Line
10th Cohort 9th Cohort 8th Cohort 7th Cohort 6th Cohort

The first cohort of every legion were the elite troops.

In the roman army, everything was really organized. Here are the rank of the roman army:

1.Contubernium: 8 men

2.Centuria: 10 contubernium (80 men)

3.Cohorts:  6 centuria (480 men)

4.Legio: 10 cohorts (4,800 men)








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All about the roman army

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