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Fighting Techniques:

The roman developed a really good fighting technique to beat their enemies:

  1. Hard training everyday (not a technique)
  2. The legionnaires would run forward at the enemy and throw their pila at them. It will cause disarray among the enemy.

At their time, the roman army was the best army in the world.



The roman soldiers had a really hard training, They were taught to do lots of things but the first thing that they were taught was to march because it had a big importance in their civilization.

The roman soldiers also had a really hard physical training.Lots of running, carrying heavy packs, swimming the summer...

They had a training to use their weapon such as fighting with heavy wooden swords.

Training is the major reason of why the roman army was so good.

Roman army equipment:

This is the equipment of a normal roman soldier:


  • Helmet
  • Shield
  • Body armour
  • Face mask helmet


  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Pilum, Spear or Lance
  • Artillery



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All about the roman army

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