Here are the statistics of our site since its creation(may 25th):

Total visitors(approximately):                                 Returning visitors:                                             Visitors per day(average):

       -1000 visitors                                                      -68% of returning visitors                                                 -17 visitors

Total pages views(approximately):                    Average of page views per visitors:                       Average of page views per day:

      -5500 pages views                                              -8 page views                                                                      -136  pages views

Total countries are site was visited in:          Number of state in the U.S. we were visited in:           Number of languages of our visitors:

-26 countries, in every continent                                     -27 states                                                                       -14 languages


Our goal for January 2012 is 2500 visitors, 75% returning visitors, 20 visitors per day, 1000 pages views, 35 countries, 45 states and 25 different languages.

If you want to help us with our goals, the best you can do is to tell people that you know about our site.























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