The kingdom of Rome

As you could see in the last page about the creation of Rome, Rome had seven kings. The Roman Kingdom last for 244 years(753 BC509 BC).The first king, Romulus was the founder of Rome. He founded a lot of the Roman society such as the senate and the strong roman army. 

The election:

Whenever a roman king died, Rome entered in a period of interregnum. Supreme power of the state would devolve to the Senate, which was responsible for finding a new king. The Senate would assemble and appoint one of its own members the interrex to serve for a period of five days with the sole purpose of nominating the next king of Rome. After the five day period, the interrex would appoint (with the Senate's consent) another Senator for another five day term. This process would continue until a new king was elected.

About some of the roman kings:

-Romulus: He becamed king in 753 BC and he died in 716 BC. He was the founder of Rome.

-Numa Pompilius: He was king from 715 to  673 BC. He was the king succeeding Romulus.People says that he was born on the day of Rome founding.(traditionally, 21 April 753 BC)

-Tullus Hostilius: He was king from 673  to 642 BC. He really liked doing war. He beat Alba Longa,Fidenae, Veii and Sabines.

-Ancus Marcius: He was king from 640 to 616 BC. He extended a lot of the roman territory.

-Lucius Tarquinius Priscus: He was king from 616 to 579 BC.Many of the Roman symbols both of war and of civil office date from his reign. He was really sucessful at war

-Servius Tullius: He was king from 578 to 535 BC. He was a really popular king but he got assassinated.

-Lucius Tarquinius Superbus: He was king from 535 to 509 BC. He was the last roman king, he was king until the establishment of the roman republic.

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