Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born on July 12th in the year 100 B.C., he grew up in the middle of a civil war.  He was elected consul in 59 B.C. After that, he started the conquest of Gaul. In 52 B.C. he won the battle of Alesia against Vercingetorix. In 49 B.C. he return to Rome after he has conquered the Gaul, he take the power of Rome and he became a dictator. He was the most powerful leader Rome had ever known. Ceaser had many ennemies, in 45 B.C. some people that were jealous of Caesar decided to kill him. In this group of people there was the adoptive son of Caesar: Brutus. Caesar was killed after being stabbed 23 times. Through his lifes, he made many accomplishments such as the calendar we use today, he built many monuments... Lot of people think that Julius Caesar was the first emperor but it is not true, the first roman emperor was Augustus.   

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