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Welcome to the site blog/homepage,

We are now having games on our site: play our most played game: Siegius

Here, we will be posting regularly news: of the site, of rome and some videos.

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BBC Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire 1of6 Caesar


A video from our new dailymotion channel. Please watch more videos here.

1000 Visitors!!!

Since we have reached the 1000 visitors, we decided to publish the statistics of our site from its creation.

This page is really interesting so you should check it out.

Julius Caesar 3/3

Julius Caesar 2/3

Julius Caesar 1/3

New category!!!

We are still looking for a newuser. Since no one replied, we decided that we will make this category by our selves.

If you you want to work on this category or help us for something else, contact us at

The Roman Empire category is now open!

Thank You

Games on our site

As you might know, before  you could play some games on our site:

Now there are new games on our site see the list of our games here:

Roman Army Battles

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Videos on the blog

We are having videos on our blog about the rise and fall of an empire. Videos from BBC.

Looking for a newuser

After a long time working on our site,

We would like to open a new big category about the roman empire, but we have a lot
of work out of this site so we might need someone to help us. This would mean
that you would submit your ideas for this categories and even write some of
those pages. If you feel interested, please send us an email telling that you
are interested to:                                                                                                                                                                             
Thank You

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